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About Me



Hello! Introducing myself Adejoke Adekunle the cake designer of Glam cakes ‘n’ events.


I started Glam cakes ‘n’ events back in Nigeria in the year 2014. I was just fresh out of college and wanted to start building something of my own. I have always had the passion and love for cake baking and decorating. So I went to baking school just to learn the basic 101 of baking and created my own recipes in my mom’s kitchen. Messing up my mum’s kitchen (thank you mummy) to create delicious and appetizing flavored cakes. My love and passion for cakes grows every day. I am my happiest when I’m in my kitchen doing what I love to do every day. Creating custom beautiful, amazing and unique cakes for my wonderful clients to celebrate with on their special occasions.

Glam cakes ‘n’ events is a registered cottage food producer in the state of Minnesota. All food items we create and sell are not subject to inspection.

                      NOW LET’S SLAY THESE CAKES!!!!!!

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